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Our Papers and Covers

Cover Stock

Milk White 300 GSM

Milk white is a cream coloured uncoated stock with a beautiful texture. Colour prints tend to be a little desaturated on this stock due to the uncoated nature and the slightly darker tone.

Recycled White 250 GSM

A bright white uncoated stock with a soft texture. Colour prints come out beautifully on this stock but may be a little more brittle around spine folds in full coverage.

Silk White 300 GSM

A white coated stock with a subtle sheen. Colour prints are vivid and can handle full coverage and spine folds without breaking. This stock is typically more durable.

Kraft 225 GSM

Recycled natural kraft card is hardy and durable. Typically only used for mono prints (Black & White)



Copier Paper 80 GSM

A cheap and cheerful white copier paper. Not recommended for full coverage colour prints.

Book Wove 90 GSM

Classic paperback inner paper. A warm cream uncoated paper with a matte texture. Not recommended for anything other than text and black line illustrations.

Recycled White 90 GSM

A beautiful bright white paper. Can handle colour printing but not recommended for full coverage.

Recycled White 120 GSM

A beautiful bright white paper with more opacity than the 90 GSM. Can handle colour printing and full cover printing.

Milk White 120 GSM

A beautiful warm cream paper. Can handle colour printing and full cover printing. Colours tend to be slightly desaturated due to the warm tone of the paper.


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