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Custom Notebook Guide

Custom Notebooks

Our A5 and A6 Custom notebooks allow you to choose up to 5 different cover designs per order. To create the covers you can either download one of the templates below or create a PDF to meet the size guidelines.


 A5 A6
PSD Template PSD Template
AI Template AI Template
303mm x 216mm (This includes a 3mm bleed)
216mm x 154mm
(This includes a 3mm bleed)


What is a bleed?

The bleed is an area around the margin of the page which will be cut off. All of the files you supply must have a 3mm bleed. So for e.g. if you have an image on the page which goes to the edge you will need it to go 3mm past each edge.

Saving your files

All of your files should be saved as PDF with the preset 'High Quality Print'. Please do not include printers marks in your document, we do this for you. 

Uploading your files

For multiple covers collate all of your PDF cover files into one PDF and upload them on the product page before checking out. 

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